FAQ | The Profit Specialist


1. What is The Profit Specialist®?

The Profit Specialist® Program: The Profit Specialist® is a customized simulation based training program that builds business and financial acumen. Using a proven process and tools, it installs a value selling methodology that delivers hard-dollar impact for your clients and your company.

What is a “Profit Specialist”? It is a salesperson acting as a consultant who uses business intelligence to engage decision makers in a discovery process which results in a profit improvement solution that delivers documented and defendable financial impact leading to a customer-initiated business partnership.

The Profit Specialist® - A Definition

  • A salesperson (acting as a business consultant)
  • Who uses business intelligence (through an understanding of customer economics)
  • To engage decision makers (at the executive level)
  • In a discovery process (a value analysis of business issues / Holes in the Floor)
  • Resulting in documented and defendable financial impact(improved profitability)
  • Leading to a Customer-Initiated Business Partnership

Who should attend:

The Sales Organization: Winning business today requires selling to the C-Suite and delivering a business case that differentiates your company. We believe that everyone that supports the sales team and who directly or indirectly interacts with customers need financial skills. This often includes marketing, engineering, product managers, sales operations, customer support, customer service, inside sales and sales leadership at all levels.

Employees: Understanding business economics is not exclusive to the executive suite or the finance department. Every person who works for an organization should understand how their company makes money. Every employee is an important contributor to the success of the company and should have an understanding of how their company makes money and how they impact performance.

2. How is The Profit Specialist® differentiated from other Financial Simulations in the Marketplace?

At APG, every financial simulation is created uniquely for our client. Our customized simulation includes an industry, business, and company-specific experience that allows employees to “learn by doing”. We include the unique financial and operational factors that drive profitability; this offers employees the opportunity to “learn in their own environment”. Our clients tell us that being able to communicate their specific profit metrics and business strategies dramatically increases the impact of the program.

Additional thoughts……..

Other training companies have simulations; however, NONE help you build a customized simulation that integrates your industry drivers, strategy, key financial objectives and unique and specific financial metrics into an experience that educates. That’s what Jeff and Debi Aarthun have done for 20 years.


APG didn’t invent finance (nor did any of our competitors). The challenge is…..how do you engage non-financial people in the business of business? You can teach finance 100 different ways. Websites like Investipedia and About can provide financial information, BUT can you make it simple? Can you relate it to the world salespeople or employees live in? Or the customers they serve? You can search the Internet for every financial principle, definition, and example known but in the end are you able to connect to the essential financial understanding that motivates people to think critically about their business or their customer’s business?

3. In what industries/vertical markets do you have experience?

We have worked with nearly 200 of the Fortune 500 companies across 30 industries during the past 20 years. Our experience includes highly customized business simulations in healthcare, pharmaceutical, hospitals, medical devices,oil & gas, telecom, chemical, banking, insurance, airlines, manufacturing, retail, distribution, technology, and more. Because we customize our program, we have accrued an unmatched level of expertise in the industries and vertical markets we serve and bring our clients a deep understanding of the unique trends and economic drivers impacting the industry they compete in.

4. How do you measure The Profit Specialist® success/ROI?

The ultimate success of our program is measured by profit impact. We identify our client’s key metrics and make them part of our overall program implementation.We provide tools and coaching to ensure that the right behaviors are deployed and reinforced over time. We also meet with the senior management team frequently to review progress and provide observations and feedback to assist in sustaining results over time.

Our clients typically achieve a 100% return-on-investment within the first 90 days of implementing The Profit Specialist®.

5. Provide some success stories.

We have delivered significant profit improvement for major clients in the healthcare, manufacturing, utilities, engineering, distribution, energy, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

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6. How does your Customization Process work?

We have a proven process for customizing our financial simulation to a client’s unique industry and business needs. It begins with a Data Collection meeting that includes key executives, stakeholders, and subject matter experts from our client’s organization. We capture the strategic, organizational, and industry trends and issues that drive financial learning, and we embed operational factors critical to experiencing the business from the company’s perspective. We then go through an in-depth technical review and piloting process to finalize the program prior to rollout.

7. Describe your Global capabilities.

Our program has been delivered in over 50 countries and translated into 10 languages reflecting company, country, and local language requirements. All of our trainers have delivered the program across the globe and each bring a unique understanding of the local culture and regional differences so important to engagement and comprehension.

8. Describe your experience and success with online/WebEx training.

Our WebEx Solution has been delivered to clients all over the globe. We offer a highly interactive online solution that allows for strong employee engagement while providing flexibility in reaching remote participants. The technology allows us to provide breakout groups, create highly interactive exercises, polling of participants for comprehension, and building and presenting Profit Proposals electronically. Our customers appreciate this cost-saving alternative to traditional classroom-style training.

9. What are the most effective ways to implement The Profit Specialist®?

A successful implementation begins with executive sponsorship and communication. We believe leadership should participate in the program to model their commitment and lend their vision and experience to the training. 

Each of our trainers has over 10 years of experience delivering The Profit Specialist® across many industries. This unique perspective has enabled them to bring financial, value selling, industry, and global experience to every workshop.  However, should you wish your trainers to facilitate the program within your organization, we can provide a detailed step-by-step guide to facilitating your customized version of The Profit Specialist®.

10. How has The Profit Specialist® been sustained with your customers?

Achieving sustainable revenue growth and profit improvement begins with an understanding of the success factors that drive business performance. It is critical to ensure that there is organizational alignment, commitment, and support for the initiative from the launch through to achieving a return-on-investment.

We provide an Installation Process that ensures that the financial skills and value selling methodology is learned and applied on the job. The process includes the role of executive leadership, communicating expectations, implementing behavior change, executing the process, and tracking and measuring results. We address the tools and best practices that have been deployed in delivering our program to over 200 of the Fortune 500 companies over the past 20 years. Our intent is to work with our clients to finalize an approach that gets results.