APG helps employees understand the business.


CNN does a video on our project for Delta Air Lines
Our Airline, Our Business was a customized business simulation built by APG for Delta Air Lines.  More than 40,000 Delta Air Lines employees took part in the training.  Our Airline, Our Business was featured on CNN's Business Unusual program.

"The financial knowledge obtained, and the connections made between our customer’s/prospect’s financials, are how executive decisions are made in our customer’s world, which has allowed our sales teams to gain confidence and credibility in their sales presentations.  We have seen a positive impact in these areas with both C-level customers and with our normal everyday contacts in hospitals. "

Sales Director, Healthcare Products Corporation

"Our participants have rated this class a 4.8 out of 5.0, making this the highest ranking class of all time! "

Sales Training Manager, Airline Corporation

"Our reps can now create impactful “Profit Proposals” that show our customers, in hard dollars, the actual value our company can bring to their bottom line, helping them to increase revenues, reduce expenses and redeploy assets, without slashing our price. "

Regional Sales Manager, Airline Corporation

"Our main objective was simple: Provide our top division managers with a solution that linked their performance to our company’s profitability. The Profit Specialist® program helps us meet and exceed this objective. "

Senior Executive, Manufacturer of Recreational Products Company

"This is one of the best programs I’ve ever taken and I wish I had the opportunity to take this course ten years ago. "

Salesperson, Manufacturer of Recreational Products Company

"Selling our value is an important part of our strategy to grow our business and improve our margins. The Profit Specialist® provides us the foundation for approaching executive level decision makers with a stronger business case for improving their profitability. "

District Sales Manager, Distribution Company

"The Profit Specialist® helped us bring on board and integrate our most recent large acquisition. Teaching our new organization about how our newly merged company makes money helped us make a smooth and seamless transition, and we now have associated that understanding to the connection between their job, improved performance, and ultimately the success of our business. "

Senior Executive, Chemical, Hygiene, Sanitation Corporation

"As a result of this past session, we asked Aarthun Performance Group, Ltd. back for our next Sales Conference to train our 550 salespeople on how to apply the principles from the previous session with our company and our customers."

Sales Training Director, Healthcare Solutions Company

"The customized business simulation built around our hospital customers offers a compelling way to understand their business by understanding our customer’s key financial measures/drivers and how we bring value using those measures. "

Regional Sales Director, Healthcare Solutions Company

"The Distributor Simulation utilized in The Profit Specialist® training has been an excellent tool for our salespeople to understand how our distributors make money. It is a fun, powerful way to get people comfortable with financial terminology, as well as expose them to how and why business owners make decisions. The result is a new way to show the distributor the many ways our company adds value to the distributorship…in hard dollars! It has helped to take our distributorships to a new level. "

Sales Training Manager, Beverage

"The Profit Specialist® has enabled our team to accelerate revenue growth by deepening relationships with existing customers and by providing financial justification for their solutions. This has allowed their sales engineers to call higher and win new business based on the ROI our company provides to our customers. "

Sales Executive, Building and Infrastructure Group

"The Profit Specialist® program effectively brings together an understanding of how our company creates and improves our return on capital employed (ROCE), with how each employee contributes to those profits to create long term value for both our company and our customers. "

Finance Director, Healthcare Services Group

"We have rolled out your program to over 600 cross functional commercial team members. Those individuals are now equipped to sell a total solution and defend our price through greater demonstrated value. The ability of our cross functional selling teams to move away from price, and focus on the value we bring to our customers, will put us in the best position to maximize profit. "

Sales Director, Manufacturing