Increase your business acumen with a game, not just a lecture.

The Profit Specialist® Approach: Think Like The CEO

Business and financial acumen training that truly impacts the bottom line

It’s more than a game: make sure your employees and sales personnel are a part of your winning strategy

Imagine your employees cheering on their favorite football or soccer team:  They know the players, they see the strategy, they watch the score. They understand the game and how their team is trying to win and they’re totally invested. They want to be part of the winning team.

Would you like to see them feel the same way about your company and your strategy?

Those who lead, inspire us. People follow those who lead not because they have to, but because they want to.

With The Profit Specialist®, sales professionals improve technique, gaining 5 to 10 times more opportunities

The Profit Specialist® is designed to teach sales teams to think like the CEO of both their company and their customers’ companies. Business acumen is the key:  When salespeople understand finance, they become effective consultants for their targets. They see more clearly how they can truly improve both their customer’s financial performance and their own company’s financial situation at the same time. The end result is consultative selling at its finest.

The Profit Specialist® is the pioneer in creating company-wide buy-in to new business strategies and leadership changes.

Every employee in your company plays an integral role in building your success. Our hand-crafted, customized business acumen simulations connect them in a meaningful way to how vital their role is within your company. They learn they are an important part of your team!

Specific client examples include:

  • A 50% increase in revenues and a quadrupled stock value by a large engineering and construction company. They applied our process after a major economic downturn in their industry and quickly turned the company around.
  • Record sales growth and an all-time stock price by a leading industrial supplier after using our process to create a new sales strategy.
  • A 50% increase in surplus in only four years after a multi-billion dollar insurance company implemented our financial intelligence process.

When employees think like the CEO, they:

  • Have a better attitude towards their job and their coworkers
  • Align their decisions to the goals and strategies of the organization
  • Perform better as teams
  • Are active in creating improvements in their policies and procedures and can quantify their benefits to the company
  • Become more committed to the organization