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Is your sales force engaged?

Kirk Draut - Tuesday, November 12, 2013
Think of the possibilities if your salespeople were truly committed to your current senior management’s strategies and vision.  In a recent study done by a well known consulting firm, the following was uncovered:

“Organizations that have highly engaged and enabled employees generate higher revenue growth (in fact 4.5 times the revenue growth of companies with low levels of 
engagement and enablement), higher customer satisfaction, better individual productivity, and higher retention rates.”

I'm sure you are saying, how do we engage them? We have found in working with large companies in a myriad of industries that to engage them you have to help them understand business finance. Only a basic understanding of finance is needed; they do not have to be financial experts. With that said, by understanding business finance they will be able to do an analysis of their customers which can uncover all kinds of new opportunities and uses for your products and services. The business understanding and analysis will also allow your sales team to conduct ongoing business discussions which will aid in your prospects and customers looking at your sales team more as partners and industry experts. 

Lastly, the new business and customer knowledge will provide the data to build customer business cases which will re-enforce to your customers why they are working with your company and what return they are receiving, as well as, showing potential clients the ROI to working with your company.

Rob Fitler, Regional Sales Manager

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