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How Effective are You in Making the Link from Content to Context?

Kirk Draut - Tuesday, November 12, 2013
There’s a Dilbert cartoon in which Dilbert tells a coworker that he’s panicked about the presentation he’s scheduled to give the next day.  The coworker tells him to relax – what’s the worst that could happen?  Dilbert replies “Well, I could embarrass myself in a career-ending way.”  The coworker agrees.

In The Profit Specialist® we talk about the importance of having your Content (products, company, service) link to the customer’s Context – the issues that are important to them (profitability, inefficiencies, downtime, labor costs, etc.).  The first step is to make the link.  This is critical – it shows that you understand your customer’s business, and how you can make a positive impact.  The second step is to make sure that how you make the link is effective.  

How you make that link is what we cover in Value Presentation Skills.  The “how” is everything from the visuals you use – PowerPoint, handouts, a flip book,  to how you present yourself – your confidence, your conviction, your connection to the people you’re talking with.  Feedback from the workshop participants is valuable, but most participants say the most eye-opening  part of the session is watching  their videotaped presentations and talking about them  in  one-on-one coaching sessions with the facilitator.  As a facilitator, I agree – watching their progress in the workshop is the most  rewarding part of the workshop for me, too!

Ann Marie Buydos, Senior Implementation Director

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