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How does the IT group add value to business?

Kirk Draut - Monday, November 18, 2013

On August 28th Gery Garrity conducted a Nationwide Insurance simulation for 40 cross functional leaders from IT, Claims, Finance, Legal, HR, and Operations.

During the seminar, we had the cross functional teams come up with Profit Improvement Ideas on how they impact the Nationwide profits. 

Below is some feedback from the Nationwide corporate  participants: 
  • Very useful and engaging.  I imagine it would be great for those unfamiliar with these concepts. 
  • Great way to condense a complex topic and show how you can make an impact. 
  • Great class – learned a great deal. 
  • Very glad – useful information. 
  • Difficult subject matter, delivered in a fun and informative way!
  • Informative class with good interaction between participants and instructor. 
  • As someone that supports NF, it is interesting to get insight on P&L. 
  • Learned about insurance industry. 
  • Valuable information in an easy way to learn it. 
  • Simulation helped to better understand impact of various metrics on P&L. 
  • Game board was very effective.  Also sitting with finance folks helped. 
  • Gave me the language to understand the concepts reported by the Sr. Leaders. 
Kevin Cochran, Regional Sales Manager

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