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Delivering an Effective Sales Presentation Over the Web

Kirk Draut - Tuesday, October 22, 2013
During a recent Profit Specialist WebEx class I was facilitating, and as the participants were learning how to deliver an effective sales presentation showing the value of their products and services, one participant posed a challenge to the group.  They have been confronted with many customers not wanting to meet face to face for the presentation but rather over the web.  Initially, the participants thought that it would have to be totally different than a face to face presentation.  But what became plain to everyone is that the same rules apply whether you’re in person or on the web.  In fact, the rules might be more critical over the web.  Such as:
  • Gaining the customer’s attention immediately (the “history” of your company does NOT do this!)
  • Make it interactive (ask questions, get agreements, get clarification – keep them engaged!)
  • Make it 80% about the customer and 20% about you and your company 
  • Do not end the presentation without getting agreement on the next step
So if you think that what you say and present in your sales presentation depends on whether you are face to face or over the web, think again!  As long as what you say is interesting, relevant and impactful to the customer, you’ll have their attention!

Jane Aarthun-Pifer, Director of Implementation and WebEx Project Manager

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