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An "eye-opening" exercise for our bank WebEx class

Kirk Draut - Monday, November 18, 2013

During a recent Profit Specialist webinar for a large bank, we had groups participating in New York, California, Florida, and Illinois.  The group was a cross section of Bank Managers, Operations, Tellers, Human Resources, Data Processing, and Customer Services.  Towards the end of the session, after the class went through The Profit Specialist® Program, we challenged the group with a case study where there was an issue with an ATM unauthorized use by a customer.  At the outset, the participants saw the situation as relatively clear in its solutions.  However, the more the groups talked, they realized the incredible number of departments who had to get involved in resolving the situation and, more importantly, the cost in dollars and employee time.  

They then attached the departments to the financial drivers that were impacted as well as the impact on the bottom line of the bank.  As one participant said, “This is an eye-opening exercise – by getting it down to the numbers, we realize how every decision and action has financial consequences.”

Allowing  employees  to see how their everyday actions and decisions affect the financial outcomes of a company is at the heart of The Profit Specialist® program; suddenly and clearly they can see  how their everyday activities play an integral part in the success of the business and the commitment of shareholders.

Jane Aarthun – Pifer, Director of Project Implementation and WebEx Project Manager

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